Sunny team was founded in 2001 year,focused on industrial products filed,professional manage,trading and project together,offering professional service to our customers,it is approved by our customers in the our field.

500 strong mechanical automation system provider of professional focus on the original authentic, quality of the enterprise, social commitment, and always maintain brand.

pc蛋蛋游戏Hailan electromechanical provide perfect after sale service for you, keep a large inventory and efficient logistics team, to the fastest time to meet the various needs of users Mitsubishi of industrial products, and the best customer service professional pre-sales technical advice and services for users。

Hailan Electromechanical is committed to providing professional solutions for Chinese users, to provide professional Mitsubishi FA (Factory Automation) technology services and products, can help customers to PLC programming, touch screen program design, programming and debugging of servo system and engineering contractor. Through the integration of our technology, products, experience.



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Sunny Team Technology Limited

Sunny Team Technology Limited. is a professional engaged in Mitsubishi automation product sales and technical services of the super distributors. Professional agent Mitsubishi motor (MITSUBISHI), Siemens (SIEMENS), OMRON (OMRON), (FUJI) Fuji industrial automation products worldwide famous brand, is also the Taiwan Wei Lun and Xinbao reducer level agents, the main products of the company: Mitsubishi inverter, MITSUBISHI PLC, Mitsubishi server, Mitsubishi touch screen, such as tens of thousands of each products, including a variety of conventional and special product inventory. Companies adhere to provide only a genuine original customer...


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System design of flat integrated touch screen display function

System design of flat int...

On the industrial and commercial computer system, touch screen interface is a popular technology. Touch screen...

Whether the operating system of human-machine interface products?

Whether the operating syst...

Any HMI products are part of system software, system software running on HMI processors, support multitasking,...

Touch screen no display solution

Touch screen no display solution

Fault phenomenon: touch the screen when the mouse arrow no action, no position change. Fault: a lot of reaso...

The man-machine interface (HMI) components

The man-machine interface (HMI) components

The man-machine interface products from hardware and software two parts, hardware part includes a processor, a...

The trend of the future development of the man-machine interface

The trend of the future ...

With the development of digital circuit and computer technology, the man-machine interface of the product in ...

Mitsubishi inverter work principle

Mitsubishi inverter work principle

Mitsubishi converter is the use of power semiconductor devices will be the role of off frequency power conve...



With the development of science and technology, Mitsubishi PLC in industrial control applications more and mor...

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Sunny Team Technology Limited

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